Smart electric kettle-lamp

REDMOND SkyKettle G200S-E

  • To synchronize the kettle with your smartphone press the ON button on display of the SkyKettle and hold it for a few seconds. When the connection is established the kettle will make 3 sound signals.
  • Press the "Boiling" icon and the G200S will start to boil water immediately.
  • Select the "Boiling with heating" mode to keep water warm for up to 12 hours after boiling and maintain the temperature that you've specified in the app.
  • Heat water with the accuracy down to 1 °C to brew your favourite type of tea properly , to make baby formula or protein mixture for efficient training.
  • The "Statistics" screen indicates the power consumption of the disco kettle G200S.
  • Select the backlight colour of the body and adjust its brightness via the Ready for Sky app. Set the backlight colour change after a certain period of time (from 30 seconds to 3 minutes).
  • Select the colour of the backlight in the "Nightlight" mode to make the kettle shine when it doesn't heat water.
  • Enable the "Disco tea" mode to make the SkyKettle G200S shine with different colours to the beat of music.
  • Choose any educational game in the app and start playing. The app features games with different levels of complexity.
  • To ensure that water for your tea or coffee is warmed for breakfast, adjust the schedule of the kettle’s automatic function via the Ready for Sky app.
  • Choose your favourite tea in the recipe book embedded into the application and start heating water for the desired temperature in one click.
  • Through the "Settings" screen you can enable the rapid boiling, turn off the sound and light indication as well as lock the manual activation of the kettle to protect your children.
  • Freshly boiled water ensures a good tea! The smart kettle will remind you via the app whether you need to change water.
Control smart appliances from anywhere!
Remote control
Heat up water to the desired temperature from anywhere across the world - via the Ready for Sky app. Use the embedded tea recipe book to start heating in one click.
Enable water heating at any time convenient for you. For example, start boiling when returning from a shop or a walk or from the next room while getting ready for work.
The application provides an extended set of functions of the G200S .You can adjust the backlight, enable ultra-precise heating or scheduled heating, as well as check the power consumption and enable game options all in one click.
App update
With the update of the application the disco kettle G200S expands its functions. To update the app you just need to press the "Update" button in Google Play or App Store.
Lock the SkyKettle's control panel from your smartphone to protect your small children so they won't be able to turn the kettle on by themselves.
  • Ultra-precise heating
    Heat water with a perfect accuracy of 1°C to brew any type of tea - green, yellow, herbal, etc. maximizing its flavor and taste.
  • Adjustable backlight
    The glass body can be illuminated with any colour. Adjust the brightness of the backlight in the boiling, nightlight or the disco light modes.
  • Game gadget
    The embedded educational games focused on colour perception will be interesting for children of different ages.
  • Clockwork tea
    The Clockwork tea mode will allow you to adjust the water heating or boiling according to your schedule - the smart kettle will heat up water for your favorite tea and invigorating coffee at the right time.
Heat-resistant body
The heat-resistant glass is one of the most eco-friendly materials. Even in case of strong heating this material doesn't emit any dangerous substances and doesn't enter into any chemical reactions.
Heating water without boiling
Use the buttons on the kettle's housing to set the water heating temperature without boiling. The device features 4 temperature modes to choose from: 40, 55, 70, 85°C.
2 litre water tank
The graduated scale on the kettle's housing allows you to boil/heat the required amount of water. The kettle enables you to heat up to 2 liters of water at a time. That is enough to make tea and coffee for all family members at once.
Convenient spout
You don't need to over-tilt the kettle to pour water into a mug or a cup. The convenient spout of the SkyKettle allows you to easily pour water without spilling.
Concealed heating element
It ensures quick water heating and protects the device against overheating. Thanks to the concealed heating element the SkyKettle switches off automatically when the water comes to a boil or when there is no water inside and when the kettle is removed from the base.
360° rotating base
Thanks to the rotation on the base the kettle is easy to use by both right-handers and left-handers. The SkyKettle G200S can be removed and put back in its place from any side.
Ergonomic handle
The convenient and smooth to the touch handle allows you to easily remove the SkyKettle G200S from the base and pour water into the cups with almost no effort.
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