Floor Scales

REDMOND SkyBalance 740S-E

  • Enter your data to define your body mass index (BMI).
  • The app will display your weight, BMI, along with a complete analysis of your body-build parameters on a single interface.
  • A visual image of your weight dynamics will appear on your smartphone screen.
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Automatic shut-off
The smart scale SkyBalance 740S-E will help preserve your battery’s maximum charge: it turns off 10 seconds after you step off the platform.
Ultra-fine solid housing
Its metal, tempered-glass body prevents the scale from damage even over long periods of use. The light, thin smart scale is easy to store under a cupboard, bed-side table, or bed.
Measuring unit selection
The SkyBalance suits users from all countries and continents. Thanks to the measurement unit selection feature, you can calculate your weight in kilograms, pounds, and stones.
Smartphone synchronization
The floor scale SkyBalance 740S-E synchronizes with the Ready for Sky mobile application on your smartphone and displays all important information in regards to your weight in detail.
Stop wasting money on excessive consulting a specialist to analyze your body condition and instead perform this analysis at home with the free help of the SkyBalance 740S-E!
Each member of the family can synchronize the floor scales SkyBalance 740S-E with his smartphone to clearly see his weight change dynamics without muddling it up with that of his housemates.
No need to continuously record your weight in a special notebook. The Ready for Sky app does that for you: when you login to the app, your weight dynamics appear right away.
The smart floor scale SkyBalance 740S-E and the Ready for Sky mobile application help you track your weight and stay physically trimmed.

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