Smart Multicooker


Cook in two bowls simultaneously!
The collectible multicooker with two bowls from the premium Chrome and Bronze series.
  • To remotely cook in one or two bowls you should synchronize your multicooker with the Ready for Sky application on your smartphone by pressing the "OK" button on the device display.
  • The Ready for Sky application allows you to remotely select your own cooking program and enable the desired function for each bowl.
  • Select the desired bowl on the start-up screen of the app and go to the list of cooking programs. Use the "Recipes" tab to open the embedded cookbook and the "Express" button to start cooking in one click.
  • The cookbook in the app for the CBD100S contains many different meals. It is constantly updated. Recipes are divided into sections for your convenience.
  • Each recipe includes the precise amount of ingredients and nutritional information about the dish. Start cooking dishes in one click – just press the "Start" button in the centre of the screen!
  • The automatic programs will help you to easily cook any dish even if you are far away from home at the moment.
  • Use the MULTICOOK program for making dishes of your own and cooking healthy dishes following the French "Sous-vide" technique (under vacuum).
  • Use the MASTERCHEF LITE function to change the time and temperature in the app right in the process of cooking so that the dish is cooked just the way you like it.
  • The Keep Warm function will keep your dish warm after the end of cooking. If the dish does not require reheating, you can disable this function via the app in one click.
  • Turn on your favourite radio station on the multicooker via the app. The CBD100S stores 9 FM-frequencies and can broadcast in any operating mode.
Dinner in one click!
Start cooking dishes remotely in one or two bowls from the cookbook embedded into the app.
Go about your business, spend more time with your family and friends, whereas the SkyCooker CBD100S will take care of automatic cooking.
Lock the control panel from the smartphone, so that your children will not push the buttons accidentally on the working multicooker.
The multicooker replaces about 10 cooking devices. Besides, thanks to two bowls it helps to easily cook dishes for the whole family. At the same time it consumes less electricity than an electric stove.
Smart gadget
The multifunctional multicooker CBD100S not only perfectly cooks dishes but also functions as a radio.
  • Remote control
    The SkyCooker CBD100S allows you to remotely* cook both in one or two bowls at once.
    The control within a radius of up to 15 metres is performed via the Ready for Sky app; the far-field control is performed when the R4S Gateway app is installed on an "at-home" Android smartphone/tablet.
  • Radio function
    The smart multicooker CBD100S is equipped with the built-in radio tuner and stores 9 FM-frequencies. You can turn on your favourite radio station both via the app and from the control panel.
  • Multi-language interface
    You can also select the language on the control panel of the CBD100S and manage all the settings of the multicooker with two bowls with convenience.
Two bowls
The CBD100S is equipped with two bowls with the volume of 4,5 l. The capacious volume allows cooking two substantial meals. Each bowl has its own control display for convenience.
Bowl selection
Thanks to «I» and «II» buttons it's very easy to select the bowl which you will use for cooking.
Non-stick coating
The bowls with non-stick ceramic coating allow you to cook with very little oil, cutting the calories in your dishes and making them healthier.
"OK" button
This button is used for confirmation of the settings made. You can also use it to disable the Keep Warm mode and enable the "Childproofing" function, which prevents the accidental button pressing during cooking and ensures the additional safety when using the device.
Reheat and resetting settings
This button enables the Reheat function. It also allows you to interrupt cooking and reset the previous settings.
Program selection
The controller on the control panel allows selecting the automatic program, changing the cooking time and temperature, as well as enabling or disabling the sound signals.
Manage settings
With the help of this button you can turn on the radio, adjust the volume and select the interface language of the multicooker. Use this button during the process of cooking to enable the MASTERCHEF LITE function.
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