Smart Kettle

REDMOND SkyKettle M216S

  • Press the "Boiling" icon and the M216S will start to boil water immediately.
  • Select the "Boiling with heating" mode to keep water warm for up to 12 hours after boiling and maintain the temperature that you've specified in the app.
  • Select the backlight colour of the body and adjust its brightness via the Ready for Sky app. Set the backlight colour change after a certain period of time (from 30 seconds to 3 minutes).
  • Enable the "Disco tea" mode to make the SkyKettle M216S shine with different colours to the beat of music.
  • Choose your favourite tea in the recipe book embedded into the application and start heating water for the desired temperature in one click.
  • Select the colour of the backlight in the "Nightlight" mode to make the kettle shine when it doesn't heat water.
Control smart appliances from anywhere!
Remote control
Control the SkyKettle M216S from your smartphone or tablet in one click! Set a schedule through the Ready for Sky app or use the built-in recipe book to properly cook the desired drink.
The Ready for Sky application gives you access to your appliance whenever and wherever you want. Control the water heating when returning from a morning jog or while watching a movie in the next room.
Use one of the 7 preset water heating modes for different types of tea or adjust the temperature to 1°C!
Individual display setting
Adjust the Illumination on the handle to perfectly fit the M216S into the interior of your kitchen or to determine by color whether hot or cold water is now in the kettle.
The kettle will automatically turn off after boiling or removing from the power base, and if you accidentally turn it on without water
  • Adiabatic body
    REDMOND RK-M216S kettle body features a multilayer structure – steel alloy, heat-resistant plastic and insulating air layer between them, creating the effect of a thermos. The water in the kettle keeps the desired temperature longer, and the walls can be absolutely safe to touch, even if the kettle has just boiled.
  • Cast steel flask
    AISI 304 alloy is specially designed for high quality cookware and household appliances. Due to the reduced carbon content, it is resistant to wear, corrosion and aggressive chemicals, and has a high temperature resistance. Solid inner flask without seams and joints eliminates the possibility of water leakage to the heating element or power base.
  • Capacious water tank for 1.7 l
    A full kettle is sufficient to prepare 5-6 cups of tea, coffee, tea mixes with herbs and berries or other drinks to your taste.
  • Ergonomic handle
    A comfortable handle with a non-slip coating allows you to comfortably carry a filled kettle and pour water into cups.
  • 360 degree rotational power base
    The contact group is located in the center of the power base: the kettle is easy to rotate 360°, and it can be comfortably used by both right-handed and left-handed users.
  • Contact Group Strix®
    Responsible for automatically turning off the appliance when boiling, no water and removing from the base, prevents overheating and failure. Contact group Strix® is designed for at least 12,000 on/off cycles.
Smart control
With the Ready for Sky application you can monitor the freshness of water, find out the exact information about the energy consumption, as well as set a convenient schedule and mode of operation of the SkyKettle M216S.
7 temperature modes
Make the desired drinks properly – through the application, select the desired temperature for green, black, yellow or herbal tea, warm water to prepare baby formula or sports protein shakes. You can also adjust the temperature to within 1°C.
Choosing the water boiling intensity
You can quickly boil the kettle without wasting too much time, or set up a more intense boiling to get rid of harmful microorganisms in tap water.
Keep warm
The SkyKettle M216S can function as a thermopot and maintain the water temperature you set for 12 hours.
Water heating function without boiling
If you use artesian or spring water, preserve its natural taste and natural mineralization by choosing the heating function without boiling.
Colorful illumination
The LED illumination on the handle can be adjusted to your liking: the indicator can change colors during the heating of water or glow with one, the most pleasant for you, color.

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