Calculate your caloric intake with

REDMOND smart scale SkyScale 741S-E

  • The intuitive Ready for Sky application features an extensive product base.
  • To find out groceries' calorific and nutritional value, all you have to do is select the ingredient you need in the application and place it on the scale.
  • The application displays a product's weight, calorific value, and its detailed content of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.
  • The application summarizes all of the dish's the ingredients and calculates its overall nutritional value.
SkyScale will help you track the amount of calories you are consuming in just a few clicks
Smartphone synchronization
The kitchen scale SkyScale 741S-E help you keep a close watch on your diet – now you can weigh any food or ingredient you want and immediately check out the information on the calorific and nutritional content of the selected dish on your smartphone screen.
  • Touch panel

    The SkyScale are equipped with a convenient touch control panel.
  • From 1 g to 5 kg

    The maximum weight load on the smart kitchen scale is 5 kg and the measuring accuracy is counted down to the gram.
  • On/off switching

    Turn the scale on and off manually using the touch screen panel.
  • Tare deduction

    The tare deduction function allows you to obtain ingredients' net weight.
  • Timer

    Set the timer to track the cooking time.
  • Measuring units

    Select one of three measurement units on the control panel: grams, pounds, or ounces.
Smartphone synchronization
The kitchen scale sync with the Ready for Sky mobile application and instantly all the information on the calorific and nutritional value appears on your smartphone screen. Just select your type of the weighted product in the application.
Thanks to the SkyScale sticking to a healthy diet, doing so is easier than ever, as the app displays the nutritional and calorific value of each food product, the entire dish, and even your whole lunch/dinner.
No need to surf the Web for nutritional information any longer. The Ready for Sky application displays all the information you are going to need on your smartphone screen.

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