Smart Multi cooker

REDMOND SkyCooker M222S

  • Adjust the time and temperature during the process of cooking using the MASTERCHIEF LITE function and the SkyCooker will cook dishes the way you like it.
  • The start-up screen has 3 sections: cooking programs, quick start and the integrated cookbook.
  • The quick start shows the most frequently used programs. Select the necessary program and start the cooking process in one click.
  • You can disable the Keep Warm mode and set Time Delay using the screen with additional functions.
  • The app features all of the programs. Choose any program from your smarphone and the SkyCooker M222S will start cooking.
  • The integrated cookbook includes the recipes of various dishes such as soups, side dishes, desserts, baked goods, fried, stewed and steamed dishes.
  • The MULTICOOK program is very useful for creating original dishes and sous-vide meals as it allows to change the time and temperature of cooking before you start.
  • To synchronize your device with the smartphone press «+» button on the multicooker display and hold it for about 5 seconds.
Control smart appliances from anywhere!
Remote control
Start cooking in one click from the cookbook integrated into the Ready for Sky app. You may also select the required program and turn the multicooker on using your smartphone.
Comfort and functionality
Cook in the smart multicooker without being distracted from your work or private matters. Put the products into the bowl in advance and start cooking at any convenient time.
Remotely set the desired functions (e.g. Keep Warm or MASTERCHIEF LITE) and control the process of cooking from anywhere across the world.
Economy and safety
Have you ever left to work without turning off your multicooker? There's no need to worry about it anymore. You can see the operating status of the smart multicooker at any moment and if necessary turn it off or adjust its programs.
Healthy eating
The non-stick ceramic coating of the bowl allows cooking almost without oil. Meals cooked in the SkyCooker M222S ensure lower-calorie and healthy eating.
Extended package
The package of the SkyCooker includes lots of accessories facilitating the cooking process. Among them are a stirring paddle, a serving spoon, a measuring cup, and a steam container
Time Delay
With the help of the "Time Delay" button you can enable the Time Delay function to set the precise cooking start time. Would you like to cook breakfast, lunch or dinner? The multi-cooker will cook everything for you by the time you need it. The Time Delay adjustment range is up to 24 hours. The "Time Delay" button also allows you to enable/disable audible signals while using the multi-cooker.
Non-stick bowl coating
The multi-cooker SkyCooker M222S is equipped with 5-liter bowl with non-stick coating which allows you to cook with a minimum amount of oil. As a result, your dishes are not only delicious but are also lower in calories.
Cooking time
By pressing the "Time" button you can set the cooking time for the selected program.
Keep Warm and Reheat
The "Cancel/Reheat" button is used for enabling/disabling the Keep Warm function. Some of the dishes such as cheesecake, different sauces or fruit drinks don't need to be kept warm. Besides, by pressing this button you may quickly reheat the dish taken out of the fridge. The multi-cooker will reheat it to the temperature of 70-75°С and keep it warm within the specified time (for up to 12 hours).
"Menu" button
Use this button to select the desired automatic cooking program. There are 10 programs to choose from. Note! EXPRESS program is enabled by the "Start" button and is not included in the menu function.
"Start" button
This button allows you to enable the pre-set program and disable the Keep Warm function. Use this button to enable the EXPRESS program, for example for cooking crumbly cereals.
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